Never out of date "metal tide" Shi Shangfeng

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  Cool metal fashion often can break the routine, deeply loved by young people, the fashion industry one second metal wind can become cool GIRL AND BOY; the beautiful makeup world, subvert the routine daily makeup, the introduction of metal eye makeup and lip makeup, a metal flow, full three-dimensional, instantly become the brightest of the crowd. The metal elements which can not be separated from the sight are the best in the fashion, the future sense, the unique and rich personality, not only in the fashion world, but also in the furniture industry.

  The introduction of this metal element in home decoration, if properly controlled, can make the whole home look more advanced texture.

  Today Xiaobian for you to share a few "metal" properties of furniture, define what is the real trend of furniture!

  A rectangular coffee table

  The traditional handicraft and modern design together, the metal frame to support, the blue fog on the desktop like a beautiful art works, a silver white wrapped in blue wantonly, comfortable nature.

  A small bronze table

  Golden eye side table

  The slender outline, the perfect Golden Circle and the strong lines bring the nostalgia of the 1950s to the golden cow's eye table. Whether placed in the living room for decoration, or in the sofa and bedside, can be a perfect combination of modern aesthetic retro style into the home atmosphere.

  Cuboid table

  The perfect modern three-dimensional shape, clean, accurate lines, smooth, reflective metal surface, make the metal box become mysterious and attractive, indescribable elegance and noble temperament is more attractive.

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